Detailed Thermal Imaging Investigation and Reporting

At Thermal Imaging Victoria with have the latest state of the art equipment and technology to enable us to do thorough inspections and investigations on your property.

Our services include: Solar Panels, Hot Water Services, Building Diagnostics, Electrical and Mechanical investigations, Plumbing Inspections and Equine Thermal Imaging to name a few.

Solar Panels and Hot Water Systems

Thermal Imaging is a non-destructive and non-invasive method of inspection.

Thermal Imaging is an ideal way to identify:

  • PV Panel hot spots

  • Damaged Cells within a panel

  • Overheating junction boxes

  • Defective vacuum tubes

  • Faults in connections, inverters and fuses



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Building Diagnostics

The infrared technology is particularly suitable for quick and effective detection of energy losses in buildings’ heating or air conditioning systems.



  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioner problems

  • Fire Protection: loosened chimney stones, crevices

  • Location of water leaks

  • Air ingress issues

  • Insulation Defects

  • Leaks in roofing


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Electrical & Mechanical

Using the latest in thermal imaging technology, Thermal Imaging Victoria can perform infrared scanning on your electrical system.

The thermal imaging camera can detect:

  • Heat or overloaded electrical connections

  • Loose connections

  • Identify degrading electrical equipment, switches and relays




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Plumbing Inspections

We use thermal imaging cameras to assist in the diagnosing and detecting of leaks, and for locating

 pipework in a non-invasive, fast and efficient manner.


Thermal Imaging is an ideal way to identify:

  • Water leaks in bathrooms

  • Detect leaks under concrete slabs, in walls, ceilings and behind tiled surfaces

  • Water leaks from roofs

  • Heating and cooling inefficencies


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Equine Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows anatomical structures to be easily discerned, and pinpoint the seat of pain, allowing diagnosis or more targeted tests to be performed - saving time and money.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging:

  • Non-invasive, your animal remains comfortable

  • Non-contact, allows your animal to be monitored from a distance

  • Does not require sedation, no risk or additional costs

  • Mobile service, eleminates travelling stress for your animal


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