Thermal imaging - Electrical and Mechanical

Using the latest in thermal imaging technology, Thermal Imaging Victoria can perform infrared scanning on your electrical system. The thermal image camera will detect heat or overloaded electrical connections known as hot spots and show early warning signs that electrical components are at risk of failure including fire and switchboard damage.


Early detection allows us to make good the hot spots before the problem spreads and causes costly down time to your operation.


Thermal Imaging Victoria offers the latest technology in infrared thermography to diagnose 'hot spots' that can be indicative of potential and existing electrical faults.


How can I stop our electrical systems overheating?


How can I stop our electrical systems overheating?
Points of high resistance in electrical circuits usually show no visible signs of malfunction – until the component fails. When an electrical system is under load, high resistance in circuits creates heat imbalances that are detectable with a thermal camera. This process of component heating can take place over a long period – early detection and identification is the most critical step in avoiding costly shutdowns and repairs or a potential fire risk.


How can I monitor for thermal electrical faults?

Thermal electrical faults can be caused by poor or loose connections, loose crimps or poor contacts. Predictive inspections of electrical systems are often mandatory in commercial maintenance programmes. Thermographic surveys are conducted when the electrical systems are operating and under load. When faults have been detected, issues can be identified and rectified once a programmed shut down has been scheduled. This will save time and money.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging


  • Detection of heat imbalances which indicates if an electrical system is under load.

  • Thermographic surveys are conducted when the electricl systems are operating and under load saving you time and money.

  • Check heat exchangers, compressors, insulated lines for heat loss or hot spots

  • Identify degrading electrical equipment, switches, relays and connections before they cause significant disruption to business

  • Help identify problems allowing for advanced scheduling of repair works and thereby saving businesses money by preventing unexpected failures. Insurance premiums may also be reduced, saving businesses significant dollars.


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