Thermal imaging Investigating and Reporting.   See the what you can't SEE

Thermography is a non-destructive testing technique that can pinpoint moisture, electrical, and energy efficiency issues in buildings.

Thermal imaging Victoria is certified level 1 thermographers and level 1 in Building science and thermography.

Our Thermographer is also a licenced Plumber with extensive building knowledge giving that extra experience enables us to better interput the thermal image, getting to the cause of the problem quicker.

Infrared thermography is the quickest and most definitive way to detect moisture, energy losses and electrical issues in your home. Thermal camera investigations are non-destructive and can provide you with valuable information on a variety of issues. We provide thermal photography services to home owners, property managers, builders, electricians and plumbers.

What can a thermal camera detect in my home?


  • Poor waterproofing of shower recess 

  • Rising damp problems

  • Mould and moisture issues before they cause damage

  • Water ingress from flat roofs

  • Water leaking from balconeys

  • In floor heating faults and leaks

  • Poorly installed or inadequate insulation

  • Pipe location prior to drilling

  • Electrical overloads

  • Double glazed window faults

  • Missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation,

  • Building envelope air leaks and moisture intrusion

  • Destructive water damage

Overheating Connection

Horses injured leg muscle

Leaking shower screen from fixing screw

Overheating of solar panel